Crazy Quilt.

I remember my mom talking about making "crazy quilts" when I was a kid, but until recently I never really got the concept. Last week, late at night, I wanted to do something random, creative, and quick. So I grabbed this pile of coordinating fabrics that my friend Ivy gave me. They're all some kind of super-soft microfiber chenille, and the color palette is too fun! (Sorry for the late-night odd-colored photos.)

I decided to just start randomly sewing pieces together, then cutting the big pieces apart at random intervals in different directions, and then sewing the smaller pieces together randomly until the two pieces I had to begin with were all used up, then I moved on to the next two.

I ended up with five piles of patchy pieces, then I started grabbing pieces from the piles and trying to find ones that were the same size, but oriented with the seams perpendicular, from the other piles. More random sewing and trimming as needed occurred.

In the end I came out with what you see at the top, after piecing bigger and bigger blocks together based solely on what fit where. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle and I had so much fun doing it! I think I broke just about every rule of quilting and it felt good. No measuring, no straight edge, no rotary cutter, no pattern, no ironing. Just me and the fabric and the scissors. I think I'll sash it in white and quilt it in some random pattern, which I've also never done before. More on this one later...


  1. I want to do this but I'm not good at random. I spend too much time thinking about things. Its great though.

  2. Love, love the random and the cherries!

  3. Your quilt turned out great!!! I wish I could do random lol!

  4. Such a cheerful, lovely quilt! The colors and patterns are so bold, yet go together very nicely.

  5. Thanks so much ladies! I know doing a completely random quilt seems daunting, but really all you have to do is go for it! It's nice because there's really no wrong way to do it, plus it's perfect for using up all those scraps of fabric I know we all have lying around. I'm planning to do some more like this when I finish quilting the two baby quilts I've got in the works!

  6. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Told you it was fun :) mom