Watercolor Party!

My friends Alex and Patrick have their birthdays a week apart, so we celebrated by going to my friend Vanessa's house to celebrate. Alex wanted an art party so she brought over watercolor paper and gouache, and we noshed on vegan pizza and root beer floats and proceeded to paint portraits of eachother. None of us had ever done watercolors before. Hilarity ensued.

The birthday girl, how I love her. She's one of my most fabulous and fashionable friends. She wanted us to do a timer portrait because, and I quote, "Our parents used to do sh*t like this."

Such a handsome group of people. We had so much fun. I got to paint a portrait of Vanessa's dog, Carlton haha. I think that Alex's portrait of Vanessa was the hands-down winner and I'm thinking of commissioning a portrait from her. Vanessa's portrait of me is super sweet, and I love that I wore my glasses that night. The ones in the bottom corners were made later, one is Alex's pro-life poster child (it started with a conversation about not painting teeth and spiraled out of control from there), and the other is a round of "exquisite corpse" where you draw a body part, cover up all but the edges, and pass it around. Very surreal.