Pinterest IRL

Some of you were wondering what the patchy background behind the dressmaker's dummy was, and I can't believe I forgot to post this! In my tutorial section there's a how-to for the wall of inspiration that graced the wall of my old bedroom. Ever since I've been in this new apartment I've been longing to have another inspiration board, despite the wonderful addition of Pinterest to my life, but we have very limited wallspace. So When a friend of mine gave me a pack of dark cork tiles I made the decision to completely ruin a closet door (which I will be replacing for about $100 bucks when we move, which won't be for a very very long time). I got the rest of the tiles on Amazon for about $20.

I only put the tiles on the outer closet door because the closet's usually open so I can get at my supplies (aka that big semi-organized pile-o-stuff), and I was afraid the pins would get knocked off the back one as the doors slid past one another. They're just stuck up there with mounting tape, which I had to buy because the tape that came with the tiles was absolute crap. But it worked out just fine, and the tiles were very easy to cut with an Xacto knife so they fit just right. I love having a board again, and it turns out it makes a decent photography background too!

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