Versatile Blogger Award!

Limar over at On A Seperate Note gave me a Versatile Blogger Award! Hehe, this makes me happy because I really pride myself/drive myself crazy over the amount to different stuff I post on here because I am a chronic hobbyist. So I am supposed to list 7 things about myself and link to some other blogs I think are versatile, so here we go:

1. I have 3 half-sisters who are all nearly 20 years older than me.
2. I can solve a Rubix Cube in 3 minutes.
3. I love to play ukulele and sing, and I can rock a guitar too, but I cannot play drums to save my life.
4. I used to bellydance all through high-school.
5. I can speak French (took it in high school).
6. I want to get a total of 5 crafty tattoos someday, and I know what they all are and where they will go.
7. If I was doing a cross-country road trip in a van that held me and 5 other old men, I would invite David Hasselhoff, Sean Connery, Bruce Campbell, Jackie Chan, and Timothy Dalton. The old man "man van" is complete, oh yes.

And here are some blogs I think you guys should check out as there should be something for everyone:


And there are dozens more on my sidebar under Favorite Fellow Bloggers! Thanks Limar!

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