How-Tuesday #27!

Howdy everyone! For this How-Tuesday we have a guide to table setting and etiquette, how to sew a faced invisible zipper, and a recipe for a cookie within a cookie. Om nom nom.

I stumbled upon this quick little tutorial explaining the proper way to set a table for a bunch of different kinds of events, including a buffet! I love learning about good old fashioned etiquette so this made me happy. And there are links to videos about dining etiquette too. Check it out here.

In the interest of being able to sew my own clothes a little more often, I found this tutorial to be a great help. It is just one of those nice finishing techniques that makes a garment really sing. The lovely tutorial can be found here.

Its an Oreo. Banked inside a chocolate chip cookie. Need I say more?

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  1. Looking forward to using that invisible zipper tut!