A little help from my friends.

I just had to share these cute behind-the-scenes photos of my little helper from my last etsy shoot:

He helped hold up the cards of hair clips in the light box and he also helped me set my white balance before I started shooting.

I have been an avid photographer ever since I was in high school and my father gave me his old Pentax that he used to take on hunting trips in the 70's. It fascinated me to no end and I loved the weight of it, the act of loading the film, manually focusing, feeling the shutter click, and having to advance the film. I even loved the beat-up old leather satchel that housed it and all the fancy lenses and other accessories. I still take a lot of photos with that camera, and now I have a fancy-schmancy digital one as well, along with a few old fun film cameras just for goofing around. I want to make photography a bigger part of my work life, so like I said in this post I am working on finding the perfect printers to make prints of my work to sell. But along with that, I have started doing product photography for people other than myself.

I recently teamed up with Errol Davis, one of the owners of Metaphor Organic, to take some new photos of his beautiful soaps so they can get their online shop up and running. I am very pleased with how they came out, and I think he is too, so hopefully I will be doing this more often. I have a new online portfolio of actual work-like photography I have done here: http://chaseclark.carbonmade.com/, so please check it out! If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking to have some nice photographs taken, please drop me a line! I would also like to look into doing more portraits and maybe even trying my hand at some events like weddings or baby showers. I have never been the sole photographer for a wedding, so if someone around here wants a free photographer for their wedding, the first one to contact me and let me shoot for them will not have to pay a dime! Just let me know!


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    this is so cute, love your little helper.

    As far as getting prints made, I find the folks at looking glass in berkley to be outstanding, both in the quality of prints and customer service knowledge.

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    These photos are great Chase :)
    good luck with your new venture!