Shop Update... Also a Life Update!

Hi everyone! Times they are a-changin' around here as of late, and it is all very exciting but kinda scary at the same time. I have finally decided to switch day jobs and try to focus more on my own pursuits. Bum bum buuum! Thursday is my last day at the toy store and Friday is my first day at the new job. I will be working part time at the most amazing scrapbooking store I have ever set foot in and the rest of my time will be devoted to etsy and craft fairs, plus some other personal projects and such. Also, I am still trying to get up the guts to do more freelance photography jobs and/or sell prints of my favorite art photos, and I feel like having to make ends meet on a reduced salary will probably be the fire lit under my behind that gets me to do it. I have a lot of back-logged stuff to blog about, but for now I will just say that the shop has been updated with new hair clips, cake bunting, and squirrel ornaments, with more to come soon. Wish me luck!

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