Draft snakes! My goodness, these took me freakin' forever to make and I made waaay too many of them. I started this project a week after Christmas when it was unbearably, rediculously slow in the toy store and I had lots of time to spare after I organized every last item. I had a bunch of fabric scraps lying around taking up space, add to that the ones my mother gave me, and some I couldn't help buying from Christina's on etsy, and that makes a ton of fabric bits. But they were so beautiful yet so small I couldn't figure out what to do with them except some kind of patchwork. 

So, since I live in a very drafty old place I decided it would be nice to cut the pieces into 2 1/2 inch wide strips of random lengths and make some lovely patchwork snakes to keep the chill out, and then I could sell some extra ones. Then I matched up pieces of complimentary patterns into nine "personalities": the odd one out, the girly girl, the hipster, the green thumb, the diva, the tomboy, the treehugger, the sunny disposition, and the sweet tooth. I didn't realize how far those little bits of fabric would go until I had them all cut and started to pin them... I went a little nuts and ended up with about 40 snakes, which is about 800 inches or 66 feet of patchworked scraps.

It took me so so so long to make all of them and I've very nearly missed the proper season to list them. But they are still very useful in the summertime to keep the chill out at night and the heat out in the daytime. They make a home more comfortable, a little more colorful, and reduce heating bills. I filled them lightly with lentils, which overlap like shingles for better wind protection, and a bay leaf to keep away bugs and bring good luck. 

I know, I'm friggin nuts. But they have cute little tags and are easily customizeable to fit any window or door. And at least I don't have that huge pile of scraps laying around anymore... Now I have an even huger pile of heavy snakes until they go off to new homes, lol.

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