Waterfall Hike

A little while ago Johnny took me to the outskirts of my new town to go on a lovely hike to see some waterfalls. Uvas Canyon County Park is about 3 miles of looping trail and is absolutely gorgeous! Click on the link to go to the Bay Area Hiker page, it has tons of great info on the park. In the winter the water is too high to get very close to a couple of the falls, but this makes them far more spectacular. As the water was low enough for us to hike to the top or bottom of all of them we were able to get lots of great photos! It was so incredibly beautiful and I highly recommend this place for hikers and campers alike as there's an awesome campground next to the river and we are planning a nice weekend trip there soon! (Also, as always, there's a ton more photos on my flickr here.)

 There's lots of fallen trees across the river, this one swayed a lot!

 It was so hot that day and so nice to chill in the pools.
 Admiring the majesty...

This isn't zoomed in - this gigantic butterfly was flitting all around me with another one, and I waited till it landed and was so close I probably could have touched it. Stunning!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I hope the weather picks up so I can enjoy some walking days just like this :)