Fancy Friday #5

Hi everyone! This Fancy Friday actually occurred on a Saturday (I know, I know) as I had a party to go to and still don't have the gumption to get fancy more than once a week. I'm sure glad we took these photos because during a water balloon toss at said party I got hit right on the top of the head and the hairstyle was instantly obliterated. All in good fun though, and I had a blast so I didn't mind at all.

I'm very proud of this week's look because of my nails!

Squee! I think I was in eighth grade the first time I painted my own nails and it was not pretty, and the next time was possibly senior prom. I've been trying to get better at it, using mostly clear top coat or glitter polishes to practice with so I don't make a mess. I have to say that this time was the first time ever that I didn't get polish all over the edges of my fingers as well as the first time I didn't mangle a nail while it was wet. I was feeling so bold I even used a nail pen to hand paint a chevron pattern on my left ring finger and it came out great!

I'm in heaven right now with all this mint green stuff being trendy - it has been my favorite color since I started collecting Jadeite years ago. I found the nail lacquer by Illamasqua, as well as the white nail pen, and Johnny had just found me this amazing mint condition (Look at that label!) casserole dish on Etsy so we thought it would be fun to pose with it. And I happened to have a cute mint green enamel bow necklace and layered it with a "daily bunting" necklace a dear friend gave me for my birthday last year to finish the outfit.

For my hair, I was inspired by this style, so I did a side part, braided a piece, pinned it all to one side, and used my favorite new flat iron curling method on the ends. The dress is from Target and has a great 60's/ Pushing Daisies feel, but I had a heck of a time picking a belt for it. I ended up going out shopping for one and found this it at Target as well.

I started my makeup with the hot pink Revlon lip stain and added hot pink blush, then I used a Revlon eye shadow pack that has shimmery taupe, cream, charcoal, and pink and just followed their directions on the back for how to apply it. I also added a touch of brown pencil liner.

The bracelet is lace encased in acrylic and is from H&M, and the teal flats are from Old Navy. I love how the shade of mint gets deeper the further down you go, from necklace to nails to shoes, so fun!

Is anyone else thinking of joining me in the Fancy Friday tradition? I'm thinking of hosting a party for my girlfriends soon so we can all get fancy together! Till next time...

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