New Collection: Vintage Sewing Machine Toys!

During Johnny's first camping trip we stopped in old town Cayucos to browse some of the great antique shops. I was drawn into one that had gobs of Jadeite displayed by the front door, and wound up purchasing this little beauty from a dear old man who said it belonged to his late wife:

Oh the cuteness! It's my favorite color and it really works! Yup, it sews, and it's only about 6 inches long.

I was so happy to have this to display in my craft room, but I secretly wished I had the instructions for it. But, as fate would have it, during the last couple days of the same trip we went to the antique shops in Paso and Johnny spotted this on the bottom shelf of a display case:

And lo and behold, it was in its original box with the accessories and instructions!

Look at how stinkin' cute that box is! It's the metal details that get me. And as an added bonus, the little girl who previously owned this kit sewed one of the tops together and it fits my Blythe doll perfectly!

The kit came with little cardboard hangers, pre-cut doll clothes, spools of thread, and a teensy tiny thimble. And you see what's sitting next to the thimble? I almost cried because I was obsessed with these when I was a kid and found it lodged in the corner of the box: a Mexican Jumping Bean. It's a seed with a little worm inside and they move around when you hold them. The worm had long ago burrowed its way out, but it's nostalgic to me all the same.

Here's some detail shots and the inner workings of this little beauty! Does anyone else collect these?



  1. I've never seen these before. Such an amazing find!!!

  2. too cute Chase :)