Fancy Friday #1

Happy Fancy Friday everyone!  For my first post I decided to do what I know, something super simple so as not to psyche myself out of this idea.

I really like wearing outfits like this, and I've done something similar before here. I was inspired by some things I found on Pinterest like this, and there's tons of other similar things on both my Beautiful Fashion and Hipstery Goodness boards.

Skirt and shirt from Target, the tights are from H&M and have a fishbone weave you can't really see in the photo, but you can see them better in this post. Belt and shoes both from Urban Outfitters, and on clearance no less! I think the belt cost me all of $4.00. The necklace was made by a jewelry designer I know from the craft fair circuit, Jeannine of Tangleweeds. The bracelet is a vintage find.

I'm a dunce when it comes to styling my hair. After bleaching it up so light for the pink hair and dying it dark again it's a little less manageable these days so I'm working on learning some good up-do's. I'm not very good at braids so I knew the messy look would be the way to go, and I was inspired by this style, but instead of three braids, I made one and twisted the pieces of hair as I did so, then used it and two plain sections of hair in another larger braid, then rolled it and pinned it into a side chignon of sorts. No products used at all, and it held up all day!

The hair ended up having a 1940's feel so I knew I had to do red lips which I've got the hang of, but for some reason I wanted to keep the eyes simple kind of like this photo. I'm not good with eyeliner (working on it), so I did plenty of mascara. Pair that with a powdered complexion and peachy blush high on my cheek bones and I think it came together.

I hope this inspires some of you to get fancy with me next week! If you do please share the result with me, as it will in turn be inspiration for me to do it more too!

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  1. the outfit looks really comfy ,can see why you like it ...you have really pretty skin and i just love your hair up like that,this is another post i missed, way back when...