Stitching and Bitching at the Fiber Fest

I don't know how I forgot to post about this (derp) but the stitch & bitch group I created over 4 years ago had a booth at the Oakland Fiber Festival this past summer. Unfortunately the fair is taking a hiatus this year, but will hopefully be back the next. We had about 6 of our members come together to sell their wares and it was a great success, not to mention a great time! We'd like to do another fair this year, so if anyone knows of a good one here in the bay area please let me know!

We did a free make & take, teaching people how to crochet a chain and add a button to make it a wrap bracelet. I spent most of the day manning this particular part of the booth and I had a blast!

 Carolyn stepped up as the main cashier when I got swamped by people for the make & take.

 It was so nice to see everyone's different styles come together to make an eclectic and crowd-pleasing booth. Go Oakland!

 Suzanne made these brilliant starched rainbow snowflakes. I love them so very much!
If you're interested in joining our meetup group, check out the badge in my sidebar.

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