Pinterest is the New Black.

Okay okay okay. I know, I cannot make up my mind about how to categorize all the stuff I keep on the computer for inspiration. First, it was sitting in my files. Then I found StumbleUpon and my files exploded. Then I tried posting images and links to tumblr, which has been working pretty well but the way I have to save/upload stuff and make posts takes quite a while. Plus it goes down a lot. Sooooo... I have been running into pages on a site called Pinterest lately, then I got invited to join it, and OMFG it is amazing! You can pin straight to virtual inspiration boards from any website using a little bookmark bar widget! So I have decided to switch the inspiration blog over to Pinterest from now on since it is so much faster, though I may still kick around on tumblr here and there.
I am sure Pinterest will be out of the start-up exclusiveness soon and then everyone can join, but if you like you can get on the waiting list now at their web site. In the mean time, here is my new Pinterest inspiration board. 

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  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    don't you just love it? this is my pin rest.