I cannot believe how expensive pillows are!

Seriously, thirty dollars for one throw pillow? If it was tufted and embroidered and covered with buttons then maaaaybe, but a plain old pillow, come on! To everyone out there who has even the most basic sewing skills I implore you, please, never pay 30 dollars for a pillow when they are so easy to make!

I needed one for our sexy new couch (Red leather baby!), and my mom gave me some great Japanese fabric recently that went along perfectly with our red/black/white color scheme that developed in the living room.

I just took a couple 1/2 yards of coordinating fabric and cut them in half width-wise to get the right size. Remember to cut bigger than you want the pillow because they shrink up a good bit when you stuff them. Then I stitched them right sides facing with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving an opening on one side big enough for me to get my hand through (don't leave the opening at a corner).
Clip the corners and turn the pillow right side out, iron the seams flat, and top-stitch one inch from the edge all the way around except for the opening.
Then just stuff it with leftover fluff (mine was around the tree at Christmas time lol), and then sew the opening closed by hand and top stitch over the empty space with the machine.
Since mom gave me all the materials this pillow was free, not thirty bucks, and you can do it too! I believe in you!


  1. Your red leather couch is fantastic, I love it! Sadly I find that even though some pillows are £20 here, it's still cheaper buying them made up than buying the fabric and the inners separately - but maybe that's the UK!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    glad you found a use for the fabric...i thought it would make a cute appron as well...:)