How-Tuesday #16!

How-Tuesday time! This week I found a great tutorial for repurposing mini blinds into a roman shade, a cute braided bracelet how-to, and a recipe for peanut butter and banana cake with Nutella glaze!

I am in love with this tutorial and am considering doing this to all the windows in the house. But we rent so I don't think the landlord would be too happy. But I love roman shades! Check out this tutorial!

These bracelets are lovely and made from recycled t-shirt material! Super easy to make, and I swear I saw these at Urban Outfitters for 15 bucks each. Here is the tutorial.

One of my favorite flavor combos is peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. This simple bunt cake incorporates all  three. Om nom nom. Here is the recipe.

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  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    these blinds are a great idea to customize a room with special fabric from my stash... and the look fairly easy...i just might try that...