Aaaand, we're back!

And so, all is well in the word of Oh the Cuteness! I have my new laptop, and she's a lovely little 3 lb cherry red Acer and is exactly what I needed. Also, the craft fair festivities have been in full swing around here, and I cannot wait till Sunday! We will be selling our wares at the Richmond Art Center's annual Holiday Fair and silent auction. Here's the link, and if you end up going and see me there, please say hello! And if you mention you are a reader of my blog I will give you 20% off your purchase, so don't be shy! For your viewing pleasure, here's a sneak peek at the little bird ornaments in their nearly-completed adorableness:

Also on the list of available items are some sequin mushroom ornaments (tutorial here from Poopscape), baby bibs from this post, amigurumi acorn ornaments, and of course owl pincushions. If I have enough time I may also make some more feather headbands but we will have to see. I decided to just do multiples of only a few of my favorite items this time around, unlike last year's Christmas craft fair which was so last-minute that all I had was a jumble of stuff from my Etsy shop. Anywho... Hope to see some readers there!


  1. Welcome back! How are you doing? These chick chick are so cute!

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  3. Hi Chase! This is my first time in your blog! i ran into it while i was looking for some crochet patterns... your blog is lovely you make everything looks so sweet!!!