A Year of Love!

Dennis and I celebrated our one year anniversary on March 10th and I've been wanting to show our presents to eachother. Since Valentine's day was so recently and we're both really broke right now, we decided to just do a small meaningful gift and go out to dinner. Dennis made me a pair of fingerless gloves! 
Too super freakin awesome! I squealed when I opened the box. He's been collecting old t-shirts and sewing gloves from them for a while now, and when I was going thru my closet for shirts to give him I happened upon my much-loved yet too-small pegasus shirt from Urban Outfitters. I told him that I wanted a pair made from it and he delivered! Ugh, I love them so darn much! 
For my gift to him, I know he loves the slideshows I used to do of my self portraits on flickr, so I made a slideshow of all the pictures we have ever taken of eachother with a song that has always reminded me of him, and I put it on YouTube for all the world to see. You can watch it if you like, but my roommate thinks it's too mushy and makes little gaging noises whenever I mention it. Prepare thyselves...

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