A Steampunk Sojourn

Lately I have been absolutely captivated by all manner of Steampunk-y goodness.This necklace was made by Etsy seller Bionic Unicorn. For those of you that don't know, steampunk is a kind of retro-futurism wherein there is a fantasy world where today's digital technologies are run by analogue components. Clockwork computers, steam powered superfast cars, etc. Just imagine the Victorian days with lots and lots of technology that's all run by gears and steam. I find it fascinating and have spent the last few days sifting through all the websites on the subject I can find. My favorite find and by far the thing that started this new obsession is this steampunk'd computer (especially the keyboard) from The Steampunk Workshop.

Recently, I also had the opportunity to go to Rakkasah, a large bellydancing festival in Vallejo. I bellydanced all through highschool so this was not a completely random outing. But when I got there, amongst all the usual vendors, I found some amazing booths filled with gothic lolita/steampunk/bellydance fusion fashions, my favorite of which was Black Lotus Clothing. If I had unlimited money I would spend it all here (and hire a personal trainer). But since I'm broke I'll have to make due with handmade faxcimilies based off of the beautiful pictures. I'm currently working on some kind of feathered headpiece, something less outlandish than the mini tophat but still foofy enough to garner attention.

...If I had any guts whatsoever I would be a steampunk. In fact, I've been toying with the idea of making myself a steampunk outfit, though I doubt I'd ever have the nerve to go anywhere in it. I admire the people who can dress is these "outrageous" fashions because they must have an overwhelming sense of self. Goths, Lolitas, Punks, Steampunks, Cyberpunks, all of them not afraid to stand out. I think I'm afraid to stand out most of the time, and I wish I could just wear whatever I wanted and not feel silly. When I think of wearing something that's not the norm, I know that I would think I looked awesome, but everyone else would think I looked silly. But why should I care so much about what other people think of my clothes? Better yet, what if I'm completely wrong and everyone who sees me will react like I do when I see people in unusual garb - with amazement, envy, and respect. I'm slowly starting to make a few little Victorian-inspired accessories here and there, and I'm thinking about going thru my closet and using some pieces I never wear to construct an ultimate steampunk dress, and then I'll go to the grocery store in it, just for fun, lol. I'm going to try to slowly incorporate more lace and feathers into my wardrobe, and over time I will add some clockworks since my dad repairs watches and probably has a few gears to spare. My first truly silly piece of steampunk garb will be goggles, which appearantly you must have to be considered a real steampunk. I've found a couple tutorials online for making your own, but I found some for about $30.00 on Etsy as well, so I don't know which option I'll choose yet. But check out these awesome works of art from Aaron Ristau!

Anywho, just google "steampunk" if you're at all interested, and especially check out Etsy for cool stuff. While I'm more interested in the clothing and accessories aspect, I find tons of inspiration from the decor inspired by this movement as well. One of my favorite websites I stumbled upon is The Steampunk Home, which is a blog dedicated to using the steampunk style as home decore.
Here's the opening quote: "I believe that Steampunk is more than just brass and watchparts. It's finding a way to combine the past and the future in an aesthetic pleasing yet still punkish way. It's living a life that looks old-fashioned, yet speaks to the future. It's taking the detritus of our modern technological society and remaking it into useful things. Join me as I search for items for my house that combine the scientific romanticism of the Victorians with our real present and imagined future."

I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. =] I enjoyed reading this! I have been pretty enamored by the world of steam punk for a while now too, but lately it has seemingly been sneaking up on me. LOL
    I seriously considered purchasing a pair of goggles to see where that journey would take me, but didnt want to come off like some sort of poser. I guess being semi punk as it is, what's the difference!? You definitely shouldn't pay mind to how people look at you either way. As long as we're confortable with ourselves that's what matters.
    Your etsy store is adorable btw.
    I'll have to add you to my favs =)
    xoxo- Jamie

  2. Thanks so much! I agree that one shouldn't care what other people think of you, especially if all they judge you by is how you look. I find it's easier, however, to stand out when you have someone who stands out just the same, so my roommate Angela is going to do a steampunk costume with me, then we can wear them together and give each other confidence. Should be fun!