Ooooh, Pretty!

Why are close-ups of everyday objects so lovely? I have a bunch of these on my computer in my "inspiration file" along with lots of pictures of purses, jewelry, and other ideas I've found all over the net. I wonder if these will ever come in handy... Even if they don't I love looking at them. The lovely food coloring pic is from Liquid Paper, see her flickr here. And I unfortunately can't figure out where I got the pencil pic, if anyone has seen it before please let me know!

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  1. I also love love LOVE closeup pictures. Besides being meditative and just beautiful, they also create a sense of stillness that encourages the viewer to stop rushing through life noticing little and just stop and look around and notice A LOT. I should take more closeups of my kids. It may help me during those trying times. When they're being...trying. ;)