Chalk it up... Okay, that was a bad joke...

Did I mention that Angela is the most awesome roommate in the world? And do you know why? Because she had a giant green chalkboard for us to hang in our living room! This has been up for quite a while, and as you can see we encourage people to draw on it as much as they like. And when it filled up we snapped this pic and erased it to start over. We always have a lot of fun with it, right now we're working on our friend's anagrams, making a family tree-style chart with all of them, eh, you'll just have to see it when it's full again. I recently went to see my friend Jill's art show at the college, she's so cool! And every time I go to an art show it makes me want to work on my art, so I've been doing just that. I have some new drawings and a collage piece in progress, who knows when they'll be done though. Anywho, come visit me and you can draw on my living room wall, ha!


  1. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    And this chalkboard is a fantastic idea, I love that you take a picture each time it is filled up!

  2. Great idea that board :)

    You have the cutest etsy shop! congrats :)

  3. hahaha thats way too cool!