More Japanese Goodies!

Recently I've been pen-paling the author of Zakka Life, a wonderful craftblog with a new craft project posted every week, definately pop over and check it out! She contacted me to tell me about a new store opening up in Union City, which is a few miles south of Hayward, called Daiso Japan. I'd never heard of it but when I looked up the website I knew I had to go! It's a Japanese import store containing all kinds of little goodies for extremely reasonable prices. I went a little nuts and got a whole bag full of goodies for me and gifts for my mother and sister. I thought I'd post some pics of my goodies up here for fun! Up top there is an adorable lined basket/tray that I got for the coffee table to corral my works in progress. They have a bunch of different ones in sweet little fabrics for three dollars. Three Dollars! Gah!
And I couldn't pass up a set of those adorable little plates, I think I squealed a bit when I saw them! And I love this thick felt bag with the little cat on it:

And of course I got a bunch of adorable stationary (there's too much to photograph it all!):

This sweet little felt bucket will hold all of my cutting tools on my desk, which I'm trying to organize right now.

I got a million little notebooks, a couple of my favorites are here, along with a sweet little zippy pouch made with wide-weave linnen and a leaf embroidery, and some cute erasers (I got some pencils and pens too!):

I got a bunch of gifts as well, and an apron, some papers, and some twine to crochet. That little store is so much fun, I'm so lucky to have someone out there to clue me in to stuff like that! Ah, the wonders of the blogging community!


  1. Thanks for the the shout out.
    Where did you find the felt handbag and the bucket? How did I not see this stuff? I think the inventory is constantly changing. Good excuse to go more often.

    Was that you who won the listography over at whip up?

  2. Oh my gosh that is me! You're more on top of my interests than I am, I swear! lol! Yaaaay! I won a copy of the book. Shibby!

  3. Incidentally, there's also a Daiso in Daly City, and I didn't see the felt buckets or totes there either! And no, in Japantown we didn't do the crepes this time, although we've done the banana chocolate vanilla one in the past. We ate lunch at the noodle place instead. Congrats on winning the book!

  4. lol, I guess I got lucky. I found them hanging on the side of the tall shelves in the floral section with all the little figurines and such. If I'd known I would have gotten one for everyone, they had lots of colors. If I ever find them again I promise I'll buy extras!