Little Lunchbag!

Alrighty, first off I want to appologize for the posting gap, I've been having a hard time around the house these past couple of weeks. Looks like my boyfriend and I are going our seperate ways and I've been working on finding a new apartment. But hey, it's not all bad! We're still on good terms and I'll be moving closer to work and living with my artsy friend Angela. We've agreed that we have to make the living room into an art studio and I'm going to go crazy with adorable and awesome decor since I don't have to worry what the man will think. It should make for some very interesting home improvement posts, yay! Anywho, onto the crafty goodness:My favroite resource for Japanese fabric, Superbuzzy, was having a sale, so as a birthday present to myself I got a bunch of larger yardages than I normally do of some really cute ones! And right after I placed the order I picked up an amazing new craft book in Japantown that's all about lunchbags. I fell in love with this little red and white one, and the moment I got the fabric home from the post office I knew the green apples were destined to be a lunchbag! I seriously cranked it out in 2 hours, pretty amazing for the girl who tends to start and not finish. It's lined on the inside with ecru linen, and I couldn't help but use that little hedgehog trim for the tie.

Afterward I went to the store to find a tupperware for it and ended up finding the most perfectly sized ones, and in apple green no less! I'm seriously debating whether or not to put this on etsy, I just love it so much and I really want to keep it for myself, but god knows I need the money for the move. I'm going to think about it, but most likely it will end up in the shop. Here's some more gratuitous pics from the adorable lunchbag book!


  1. Personally, I think you should keep this one for yourself. A reminder that sometimes change can be helpful. I wish things were easier for you right now and less expensive... I adore some of the things you post and have gained much inspiration from you. Please continue to create. In my opinion the things you enjoy being around you are helpful to creativity as well. (keep the lunch bag, it is adorable)

  2. that lunch bag is adorable. At first glance I thought it was a picture from the book then I realized you made it. I say keep it. Plus, when you get compliments from toting it around you can refer them to your store.

  3. you should keep it! oh how i wish i had somewhere to take my lunch to! stay at home mommies don't get need lunch bags sadly. but they get to make them for their kiddies!! except mine is only 4 months, i have a while til she needs one..alas..

  4. Thanks so much you guys! I think I may have to keep it, twist my arm why doncha! And I just had someone ask me about a custom one, so maybe I'll have to make some more for the shop. :D I hope I can finish it before I move, it's getting closer every day! I really appreciate the kind words stormy, thanks so much to all of you!

    ^_^ Chase.

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    cute stuff :)