I won!

I know I don't normally do more than one post a day but I'm so excited! I never win anything but I just won a copy of the new book, Listography, on a whim. I was browsing Whip Up and I saw they were giving away 5 of the books to people who listed their top 5 guilty pleasures. I was already on the website version, you can see my listography here, and I love it, so I thought I'd give it a go and try to win the book.
Here's mine:
*Buying all that’s left of an amazing dollar-a-yard fabric, leaving not a single scrap for anyone else.
*Letting the kitten get into a huge bag of yarn and unwind every ball around the entire house. I, personally, think it’s adorable.
*Going to the rediculously expensive chocolate and buying just one for me, and not telling my boyfriend I went there without getting him one.
*Taking way too long in the shower just so I can finish singing the song that’s been stuck in my head for a week.
*Using my relatively agile toes to pick something up when I’m too lazy to reach down and use my hands like a normal person.

I thought it would just be funny, I didn't think they'd actually pick me out of all the 100 or so people who entered! I didn't even notice I won until Kawaii Crafter (of Zakka Life) left me a note asking if it was me. LOL! I'm sorry, I'm so proud of my selfish moments!

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