My new bead store is going crazy with the sales! I'm having a hard time keeping up, having opened the store 5 days ago and already making nearly 30 sales. So I've developed a system to keep myself from going insane: I'm going to do listing, etc, on Etsy until 7:00 p.m. and then I have to get off the computer and package everything up for shipping the next day. That way it's more like a normal job, and I can "close up" the store at the end of the night and be done with it. I hope I resist the temptation to stay on the computer messing around until midnight, but I know it's for the best and it will give me more time to compose things, not to mention work on unfinished projects. Wish me luck.
On another note, I was making my rounds at the local thrift stores and I was smitten with this little old recipe card tin. It's probably from the 50's or 60's, and a bit beat up, but I just couldn't help myself for 69 cents. So I got it home and was cleaning it up and when I opened it, amongst the 5 old mismatched paper dividers was a real treasure:
A yellowed old card with a handwritten recipe for Italian Biscotti. Maybe I'm being delusional, but I have a fantasy that it's some ancient and cherished family recipe passed down from Italy to generation after generation, and I bet someone is missing it terribly because they forgot to take it out before they upgraded their recipe storage box. So I've decided that I'm going to take very good care of it and treat it like one of my own family recipes, and eventually pass it down with all the others. Yeah, I know, I'm a sentimental freak... But you have to admit it's kind of cute, right?

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