Beads, Beads, the Magical Fruit...

Well, I was worried for a while if I'd have enough time to keep the etsy store full of goodies while taking so many classes this quarter, but I've found a solution. I decided to go through my rediculously large stash of beads and sell a few as part of the "Destash Bash" movement, aimed at recycling and reusing and spreading the love, so to speak. And something wonderful happened - they all sold out in a few days! So I put more on, and off they went to new homes. And I've realized something - albeit something slightly disheartening - that my beads sell better than the jewelry I make with them. But who am I to complain, right? It saves me time, effort, and I feel good about passing my beadie treasures onto more talented jewelry designers. Of course, I'm keeping my favorites around because I still like to dabble in jewelry making, but I've decided to sell off the bulk of my stash. So if you're looking fore some really special vintage beads in small quantities you'd better head over to my shop before they're all gone!

I haven't been listing many things I've made lately because for one, I'm taking 21 units this quarter. And for two, I've been working on two rather large crochet projects this whole time, one being a hunge tote bag all crocheted from organic cotton and lined with japanese fabric - I still have about a third of the way to go and then I can line it - and the other being a hat. I've never had much success with hats (alright, so I've had nothing but total failures with hats), but I have a feeling this one will be different. We'll see... Wish me luck.


  1. Hi! I have seen your latest Etsy editions-- nice work & cute as always! I personally love the wonkiness of Getrude :), but the orange gal is cute too (of course!)

  2. Hi! I wanted to let you know that the Ms Gertrude postcard is on the .postdue. website now for April. (You can follow the link through my blog). She's out there inspiring the world now!

  3. I'm so glad that Gertrude has brought you so much inspiration! I lvoe your art sooo much!