Out of boredom and a strong will to procrastinate, I found myself wanting to make something random to fill up a couple hours of my time that I should have been using to do something constructive. So I decided to try to figure out how to make one of the cute little milk stuffies from My Paper Crane, because I'm short on cash but I crave the cuteness. I just made a small one, no where near as cute or well-made as hers, but he's fun to throw at my boyfriend. Hehehe. I hope she's not offended, but as they say, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I really want to immitate her tampon dolls next. Anywho, here's hers: And here's mine: Not too shabby, but I'm definately saving up to get one of hers (Probably the strawberry milk!).
And on another note, our entrepreneurship class challenge is over and we made about $150 net from selling our doggy bandanas and carob covered dog bones. We did better than a lot of the groups in class, but one group beat us by doing adware removal for $40 a pop, but kudos to their great marketing strategies. Another group made almost two thousand dollars, but they're cheaters. We all had the $5 start up capitol, but they decided to use one of the gril's mom's Costco card, and they said it was "donated to them". They ended up spending $75 for their start up supplies. Big fat cheaters!!! But, they did work hard selling coffee and muffins outside the colliseum for a week and it's cool that they made so much, but I doubt the teacher will give them the prize. So third or second place for us, depending on how you look at it, and that ain't bad.

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