I took a painting class at the CSU last year, and I have been painting for a while but it's just so messy I hardly ever do it because I end up ruining my favorite jeans. Just felt like showing off my favorites, and I may add another on here later. The one of the house is on a huge canvas, one of those four foot tall ones I think. I didn't use any tape to do the strait lines, I had the darn thing on my lap with my face a few inches away. LOL. And the flash makes it look funny in the middle, but it's got almost no texture and just flat, bold colors. I like it because on the wall it looks almost like a window. The other one is an older painting I did in my first year of college, and it's a self-portrait on a 24x36 canvas, I think. I have a tryptic I have yet to take pictures of, but I'll post it later.

Oh, and in my sculpture class I welded/cut out this.
It's rather large, at least 3 or 3 1/2 feet across, cut from sheet metal. It's hanging on my fireplace now and I just adore it. I hope I get another chance to weld someday, it sure is fun.

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