I just realized that I totally forgot to post pics of the two cute cupcakes I made that are for sale now on ebay here at Holiday Habit. They're made out of worsted weight acrylic yarn with vintage beads for the face, and are about 3x3 inches. Later on keep an eye out for Christmas colored ones! I love making these little guys, and I'll never ever sell my first one, he's my favorite!
On another note, I've been so busy lately doing all kinds of stuff and I can't believe I'm getting it all done. For my entrepreneurship (man that's a long word) class our first assignment is to get in a group of 4-5 people and create our own small business using $5 of start-up capitol annd any supplies we have on hand, and then make as much money as we can in the next two weeks. So cool. We get to keep all the money we make, and the group that makes the most gets extra credit and their name on this huge trophy in the business department. So our group decided to sell doggy bandanas and packages of caerob-dipped dog biscuits. And instead of keeping all our profits, we're donating 10% to the ASPCA. We decided on the dog stuff because one girl and I sew and have tons of fabric to use, and she used to manage a pet store for a long time and can get the biscuits for free. Nifty, no? And we just thought the charity donation would be nice cause we're cool like that. lol.

...And I made some toothbrush bracelets... o_O


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    the cupcakes are sooooo cute!

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