Finished Objects: A hand-knit cowl and hat set for Valentine's Day, made from Rowan yarns for my lovely boyfriend!

I finished Johnny's cowl and hat with plenty of time to spare before Valentine's Day, and I'm sure glad I did because he only got to wear them a couple times before this unseasonably warm weather set in. Sorry it took me so long to get him to pose for a shoot lol! Info on the patterns and yarns used can be found in my previous post, here.

We were both really happy with how these pieces turned out! Like I said in the original post about the cowl, he chose the patterns and yarns himself, and I think that makes him really excited to wear them. I adore the hat, especially the textural stitch pattern and the beautiful way it's decreased on top. I have to admit I've been stealing it to wear myself here and there. Even though he may have to wait till next winter to wear them, he says it's the best Valentine's Day gift ever. Daww.

And holy cow look at what he made me! He's been whittling since Christmas now and this is by far the coolest thing he's made to date. He knows how much I love anatomical hearts and this one is amazing, just look at that lovely paint job too! Putting it under glass was a great touch, and now it lives on our fireplace mantel.


  1. The set looks soooo good on him!!!! They really turned out great =) The heart he whittled is seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! He does look quite yummy in them, and oh man do I love that heart! Can't wait to see what he makes next! ^_^

  2. I posted this on my pintrest a couple of weeks ago, just loved it, really fine work...