Well, that happened...

Hey everyone! I know I've been kind of slacking off on here for the past few months, but I've been going through a lot of crazy life changes. To make a long story short, Dennis and I have gone our separate ways and I have since acquired a lovely new roommate, a new fella, and a new sense of self-worth. So yay! All is well and is sure to get even better. I have so many photos from summer shenanigans to post and I'm committed to getting caught up! But for today, I'll just leave you with a new, happy me. More on that later.


  1. First of this post had me saying "nooooooo!" But the rest had me saying "yay!" I look forward yo reading more of your much missed posts in the future.

  2. You look Awesome!
    We missed you!

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I couldn't have really asked for a much better blog. You are always at hand to provide excellent information, going straight away to the point for easy understanding of your subscribers. You're really a terrific pro in this arena. Many thanks for remaining there humans like me.

  4. *waves hi*
    I love the color of your hair and those glass are too cute!!! Welcome back =D

  5. Anonymous2:28 PM

    i missed them too ! hope all is well :)