Welcome Karol.

I have to say I really enjoy when my friends make their way onto my blog. I feel like, while I'm all about crafting and such, a lot of my friends and family read these posts as well and I want to let them know how much they truly inspire me, and I hope that in turn they inspire others too.

My friend Alex (above right), who makes it on here fairly consistently because she doesn't have a blog of her own (when she is the one person in my circle who really, really should), recently had an old friend move to the area, and she threw him a welcome party to meet all her friends. His name is Karol (on the left).

This was such a charming idea, and we had a lovely time. She's been keeping a couple of chickens that I had never had the chance to meet, and when she let them out they were so friendly! Easier to pet and handle than any chicken I've ever seen. Good job Alex!

Even though the party was in July in a typically hot part of the bay area, the weather was mild and we lazed about on the grass, knitting and drinking iced tea while barbecuing.

 (Vanessa, looking lovely as always.)
 (Peter, Vanessa's dapper boyfriend.)
(Vanessa and her best buddy Willie.)

We played horseshoes and bonded with Alex's lovely dogs, and eventually went inside for a game of Pictionary that lasted into the wee hours.

(Willie and Lillian.)

 (Alex's husband, Patrick.)

And of course, as per her sweet old-timey sensibilities, we had to take a group photo. (Maria and Diane are on the right and left respectively.) I have the best friends ever, I simply don't know what I'd do without them, and I'm very happy that we brought Karol into the circle. The more the merrier! Also, there's tons more photos of shenanigans, horseplay, and tomfoolery on my flickr set.

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