I've been reading quite a few articles and/or watching video documentaries on the importance of physical play for adults. Dennis made a quip about it, saying all he does in his free time is play. But I'm not talking about video or board games. I'm talking about going outside and running, jumping, being goofy, and using your imagination.

A couple posts ago I mentioned I was feeling a little blah because of my more sedentary lifestyle these days. That weekend Dennis suggested we go out of town and enjoy the beautiful weather, which was so sweet, and we ended up driving out to Bodega Bay and had such a wonderful time. The beach gets tons of driftwood washed ashore and people build it up into little forts and such, so we decided to finish one that was half-built in the sand dunes. We were playing foxtail but it was too windy, so I started rolling a giant awkward tree with a big stump still attached toward the unfinished fort. You can see how big it is in the photo, it's the stump on the right.

It took us forever to roll the log about 75 feet across the sand, working together with all our might to turn it over each time. It felt great! I wanted to build an entire roof for the back of it but the sun was starting to set and it was starting to cool off, so our picnic blanket was the best we could do...


I think this trip was the turning point that brought me out of my funk. Getting sunshine and fresh air was the best cure, but also just being goofy and acting like kids again really made me happy. Thanks for all your suggestions about getting more exercise, and I'm going to try to work on it. I'm going on my sugar cleanse again for a while, so I guess it's a good thing I went out with a bang with that strawberry short cake. Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your summer!


  1. fun :)

    I would be curious to read some those articles. could you send one or two my way? I really believe in physical play for all ages too. It seams like such an important way to keep our minds, bodies, and spirits young; all while promoting creativity. good stuff.

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    We just love Bodega Bay too :)
    if you stop in Petaluma on the way back there is a huge heirloom seed co. in town in an old brick building and the greatest italian bakery as well...remember the pumpkin seed savory loaf ?...try the tiny rectangular lemon tarts ...the BOMB! yum i'm getting hungry just talking about it! oh wait may be counter productive LOL

  3. Oh how I love this! I have been wanting to run away and play for awhile now. I have too much to do to just pick up and leave anywhere but I just found a park next to me that has caves, some trails, and a giant rock in the middle to climb on. Must do that sometime this week. You are so inspirational. :)