Pin Curls.

I have to admit, lately I've been feeling a little down. Just kind of a general blah, which is unusual for me, especially in summer. I've just been sitting around too much I think, getting chubbier, so I really need to exercise more. It's amazing how much more exercise I got working a regular 9-5 retail job; I was on my feet all day. Since I made the transition to working for myself and freelancing at other creative companies I sit around all day making things now...

So to get myself out of the dumps and feel special, I decided to go all out and do my hair and makeup big-time, all on my own. For those of you who know me this is no small feat. I went to the 15th anniversary show of Thrillville at our local tiki lounge, and I decided that would be the day. I did my hair up in pin curls while it was still damp, then gently blow-dried it to set them. I've never done them before, but I was sure I could do them since they're so simple, inspired by this video from Tiger in a Jar, which is for ragdoll curls but it's really the same thing. Moment of truth as I took the first one out... They looked good! Yay!

I ran my fingers through them to break them up a bit, put in some hairspray, and pinned a twist behind my ear with a little bobby pin with a bow on it. I could have stopped there, but I was determined to go all-out bombshell. I stink at doing makeup, but I did it very slowly, carefully, and deliberately...

 It took me so very long to do my makeup, but I really like the way it came out. I always see girls walking around with red lipstick and I find myself wishing I could pull it off. What the heck? If I can pull off hot pink skinny jeans I can pull off red lips darnit. My mom taught me to get a waxy red lip liner pencil and cover my entire lip with it as a base, so that's what I did. It turned out nice. Then I used a black pencil for my eyes, which I'm not used to. I usually use a chisel brush with some water and black-green eye shadow if I want any kind of liner. But I went for it and did some nice big swoops, and lined the inside of the bottom too. Pretty good!

Topped off the hair and makeup with a very Mad Men inspired dress, big belt, and a necklace I made. Little black patent leather kitten heels are on my feet, but I decided to forego the fishnets for comfort. I feel pretty kick-ass in this getup, I must say. I'm wondering though if anyone out there has some good tips for adding more activity to a craft-based lifestyle? Or am I doomed?


  1. Ohhhh lala!!! I love the curls!!
    I use house cleaning as exercise and walking!! That's all I've got =P
    Race around the house each day and clean as fast as you can lol!!

  2. Hey Chasey! You look great! I don't know if I've ever seen you with makeup on. As for exercise, V and I both love workout vids. I just got a new one by Jillian Michaels called Ripped in 30 and it's literally just a half hour. I also have Gaiam ones for pilates, kickboxing, yoga etc but their workout outs are a bit longer and it seems your time is at a premium. Also, I highly recommend running. It's easy to get started and you only do it for the amount of time you have. I think the key is to set aside time every day so that you're not trying to just squeeze it in at the end of the day when you're tired.

  3. you TOTALLY can pull off the red lipstick!

  4. I love the pin curls! I'll have to try them- as a girl with stubbornly straight hair, I am always looking for ways to get curls that don't involve molten hot pieces of metal near my face. As for working out, you just have to make time for it in your schedule. I guess the best thing to do is be realistic. If you have some flexibility with your hours, I would say start by walking. Most people aim for about 3 miles a day, and this is a goal that you can work up to. If you're like me and are a bit pressed for time, you're going to have to do something more vigorous to get your heart rate up and keep it there. For example, I mostly only have about 40 minutes to spare at the gym. I loooove the stairclimber! I do the interval setting (this is the best way to get in shape) for 30 minutes, then I have a set of ab and arm exercises that I do that don't require any sort of equipment. I can stick with it because I enjoy the stairstepper, and with the ab and arm workouts I do I can feel myself getting stronger which is good motivation. I play rugby, so I always have to be in really good shape, and this routine has always helped me. Sorry about the workout essay. but I get really into talking about working out because it has really helped me with my battle with stress and anxiety during my college years! I hope it helps you feel better as well!

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    i'm with sasha... that's why my house is always so clean and tidy LOL ...I also love the chi work out cd's (though i know i need to get more areobics in than i do)
    i am just so lazy!!! :) at least i can laugh...you know some people keep working a part-time job just to stay more active, plus it helps support the home business
    while it is growing...just a thought...

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    ab-fab make up...good job !

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    p.s. the hair is great too !