Checking them off one by one!

Woot! I have finished a few projects from the list, namely a hat made from soy/wool yarn and a scarf made from acrylic with a bamboo fringe. I forgot to take pictures of these in the state they were found, but really it was pathetic. I think I started both of them around six months ago.

The hat was completely finished except it needed to be sewn up the back seam. Took me, at most, 2 minutes. I think I stopped working on it because I was afraid it would be too small because I only used one skein of yarn. And it is indeed too small for me, but It is the perfect color and size for a 12 year old or so boy, so I will put it on my etsy shop soon in hopes that it will go to a little guy who will like it this winter.

The scarf was also completely crocheted but it only had half the fringe on one end finished. I think I gave up on this one just because of the tedium of making the fringe, I dunno. At any rate I am absolutely in love with this scarf. The colors are not quite right in these pictures, but I used two whole skeins of an amazing acrylic yarn in a bright tealy-blue (sorry, I cannot remember the brand), and it is so soft and slightly shiny. I made it pretty wide and I just wanted to use up all the yarn so it is super long too. The fringe is made from ArtFibers yarn I dyed while working there. It is super-soft, shiny bamboo fiber with a humane silk binder. The colorway I used had the same blue as the scarf in it, along with gold, sage green, purple, and grey. I always think of hummingbirds when I see this yarn. I am on the fence as to whether or not I want to sell this one, it is pretty epic but I have so many scarves already. I need to stop making them for a while, but I have a few more on my list of projects.

And something less exciting I finished is some pants I was supposed to hem for my roommate. She has been patiently waiting for me to hem these for her for who knows how long. And the worst part? I fount them in this state:

Are you effing kidding me? They were all pinned and ready to go. And yet I had them right there and did not just sit down and finish them. Seriously, something is wrong with me and I have to cut this out! Arrgh! Anywho, I did a nice double-stitched hem so the work took me 20 minutes instead of 10, but the result is lovely and Angela is excited to have another pair of pants to wear to work.

In other news I have started quilting one of the unfinished baby quilts and I hope to have it done by tomorrow so I can bind it at S&B, but even if I do not quite get there tonight I will surely have a million other things to bring!

I fell in love with the top fabric at Britex and I bought a yard of it. So yes, it is another cheater's quilt, but I promise the next 3 quilts are all hand-pieced by me. Since this fabric has an interesting top-stitching on the edge of every square I have decided to shadow-quilt it instead of quilting in the ditch and I am loving the way it is coming out and will post pics as soon as I can. The back fabric was a dollar a yard at one of the lackluster fabric departments in a big box store but it was meant to be. I have not decided on a binding yet, though I may have to go with a black with white polka dots. I'm off to check off the finished stuff on the list. Feels awesome!

*If you would like to sign up for this challenge, you can e-mail me at ohthecuteness@hotmail.com or go to this post and leave a comment. Be sure to include a link to your blog if you have one, and go join the flickr group here. The list of participants and links to their own unfinished objects is here. And my ongoing list can be found here.


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    wow. look at your progress!

    btw, if you are in the market for polka dot fabric, they have it on sale at ikea for like a $1 a yard.

  2. Noooo! Don't tell me that, you know I really do not need any more fabric! Lol.

  3. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Aw. this was a really quality post.