Wow, what a day!

Okay, so today it feels like all I did was spend money, but it was so totally worth it. There is a fabric store in San Francisco called Britex Fabrics, and I had never heard of them until I started taking the bus to work and I saw their sign as we drove by every day. My friend Ivy from the stitch & bitch is a fabric sales rep and she told me that today and tomorrow they are having a 30% off sale for the entire store! My co-worker Lydia told me about how cool the place is, and knew I was going to go there today and drop some serious cash. I ended up going to a couple quilting stores and an antique store as well, and here's what I got: (And no, I will not say how much I spent. It was a lot, but the stuff I got was worth a lot more!)

The millinery and trims are for my steampunk stuff, and I do not know what the fabric will be yet. I also found a cute vintage apron and a full set of milk glass espresso cups and saucers for Angela (not pictured as they need washing). All and all a very nice haul. Here's the thing: I was really, really good last year about not buying fabric unless I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and I started said project in a timely manner. I mostly stuck to that plan and it helped me not to stash too much. This year, I am one-upping the old plan. After today, since I went hog-wild, I am not allowed to buy any more craft supplies. I am enlisting the help of Dennis and Angela to keep me away from fabric stores, and if anyone spots me in a fabric store go ahead and tell me to GTFO, the exception being that I can get something I need to finish a project if I run out.
I do not have a craft room in our apartment, so the living room is my craft space. I have shown you pictures of the bookcase filled with all my fabric, and it is entirely full now which means I have to stop or it is going to spill over into places it shouldn't. And with Dennis on the verge of moving in I cannot allow myself to buy a bunch of stuff to fill up our little home. I have a small craft store's worth of notions and bits and bobs, so I am planning to only use what I have on hand to create items with this year. (I just have to go off on a tangent and say that my normally evil cat is being so incredibly cute right now. He is asleep next to me with his face burried between my thigh and the couch and I can hear him snoring slightly. *Melting*) Anywho... That's the plan. And I just have this great urge to make, make, make right now so I am going to go with it for as long as I can. Hopefully after that urge has waned I will get the urge to list, list, list on etsy so it all doesn't sit around the house forever!

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