Down with the man!

Have you heard about the little rainbow sunshine plushie tutorial floating around the net? Holly over at Chez Beeper Bebe designed this cute little guy to sell and was told by the Taggies company that it infringed on their patent and she had to take it off etsy. Luckily for us, she made a tutorial for them instead and posted it on her blog.

You have to go read her whole story on her post, it just infuriates me that Taggies thinks they can patent something like the ribbon loop. That is like me saying I am going to patent the french knot for embroidery and no one will ever be able to use it again. As you may know, I work in a toy store and I will not be encouraging anyone to buy Taggies, and what is more I am going to ask my boss to have us stop carrying them altogether. And I am going to make some and send them to everyone I know who has a baby and tell them about what jerks the Taggies people are. Seriously.


  1. I did post the link on my blog! I also stopped by because...

    Just wanted to tell you that you have received the Sunshine Blog Award. Please stop by my blog and pick up your award. You will find it at: http://musings-by-melani.blogspot.com/

  2. That is insane! Thanks for the post...if you get a chance to visit my blog that would be dandy!