Let there be light!

Today was quite an inspiring one for me. I drove out to San Francisco thismorning to see how the commute was because I get to work in the new toy store my bosses are opening there! I'm very excited about it, though not quite so enthused by the drive - I think I will bart/bus it out there, which will take a while since it's off the bart line but at least I can crochet along the way. It's going to be on the corner of Lombard and Fillmore in a great little neighborhood that I am absolutely in love with. It's right down the street from a million great shops including Paper Source and Miette, which is my favorite bakery/candy shop.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about things I can do for my etsy shop to make it better. Business has been slow lately and I know it's getting harder and harder to stand out as etsy gets more and more sellers. So I want to do some special packaging for my items and I found everything I needed and more at the little shops I visited today. I got some Cath Kidston labels and stickers at the Japanese bookstore, and at paper source I got some lovely little stickers and velveteen flowers. The pink package is a surprise for a friend so I can't say what's inside, but it is my new standard packaging for soft items and paper goods (the jewelry already has new packaging). Everything I ship out from my etsy store will come wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker and a flower. And at Miette I got myself some French rosewater and some tiny rose geranium flavored meringues. Lovely little treasures, they make me so happy.
What's that you say? That's a pretty picture? Much brighter and better than before? Why thank you, and also thanks to my brand new home made light box!

I found a tutorial for how to make it here, and for about twenty dollars it is a reasonable facsimile to the one hundred dollar pre-made version. So yay! Now when I really only have time at night to photograph new etsy stuff I will be able to take decent pictures! And I promise, new items are finished, they just need some ironing and photographing.


  1. that light box is genius! i keep having to wait for nice weather...

  2. You should totally make one! It really was one of the easiest photography fixes!

  3. ooooh ooooh! so much fun stuff....by chance is that pick bag hiding something for moi? your so sweet! the light box is amazing-good job lady.

  4. Your photos look great! Thanks for the link, I'm totally going to make one.

  5. Jill - of course it's for you silly! You're going to liiiike it!

    Anne - thanks! It's really fun to make, works pretty good yes?

  6. Oops! That last one was me, but I'm on a different computer and I was in the wrong account, lol!