Blog gets a face lift!

For a long time now I have been putting off switching over from the classic blogger to the new version, mostly because I was being lazy and did not want to copy over all my billions of links. But I sure am glad I did it now, as I think ye olde blogge looks pretty good this way. Anyone else think it`s better? Worse? Beuller? Anyone?

Ah, also I did a bit of an overhaul on my shipping profiles in
my etsy shop . Everything will be shipped out exclusively via first class mail, so I lowered the pricing accordingly. It is so much cheaper than priority and really takes about the same amount of time for most of the things I sell. Also I have had a bit more time these days so I can ship things out Saturdays and Wednesdays, as opposed to just Saturdays. Anywho, I thought I would just stop by to say hello, I will be back shortly with some new creations for the shop to show off!


  1. Valence Balance10:45 PM

    Nice re-design! I especially like the links back to older posts, they make that older content much more accessable.

  2. Thanks dear!
    The main reason I switched over was because I wanted the "older posts" link at the bottom so people could go back through my old posts. I can't believe that the old blogger version didn't have that! And I love that LinkWithin widget, it's pretty cool.