Gifts from the Post Office!

One thing I really love about etsy is its sense of community. Even though we're all on there to sell the things we've made, no one's above a kind gesture. I really admired a fabric in someone's shop: And they were the ones who bought the first thing I ever sold. So I asked them if I could buy some of their fabric, and they just gave it to me! I have to make them something special as a thank you gift. Also, I did a trade with someone who sent me a convo and asked if I would be willing to trade her for an owl and a wrist warmer she liked. I fell in love with her plush snail, Claire, and I added in my grey earrings to make it an even trade. I think it turned out perfectly, I love this little snail so much! So please visit their etsy shops (just click on the pictures), I have to give them props for their beauitful handmade goodies and their awesome kindness!

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