Another Contest... Ho Boy...

So here I am, entered in another crafting contest. This time on Etsy. The last one didn't go so well because I got the entry in so late and missed out on votes. This time the judging is up to the 8 or so people at Etsy, which is good because I never seem to win popularity contests. The contest is all about recycling things, and making something useful out of stuff that would otherwise be thrown away, aka Upcycling. The only new things allowed are glue and fastners, and appearantly paint too. I've entered three things, but the one I'm banking on is this:

It's a purse made from an old Breyer's ice cream container, some scrap metal, and a piece of strapping. I've also entered another purse and a garland, but I'm sure they're just in there for fun. I've gotten so many views on that purse, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for second place, that's all I need.

The first place prize is a booth as Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco this coming May, and they pay up to $1000.00 for air fare and hotel. Since I live in the area I could take Michael with me and stay in the fanciest hotel ever, but I'd honestly rather that the first prize go to someone far away who otherwise couldn't make it out here, because second prize is just the booth, no air fare/hotel money. And that's all I really want, just a chance to do my first ever craft fair. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?


  1. Ha! I saw this!! LOL!

    I've been looking at your etsy store (thanks for *hearting* me by the way!). Your crocheted cuties are just the best :-)

    I've been wanting to learn how to crochet but fear I will have the same results as when I tried to knit - pure disaster and utter failure!

  2. Heh, sounds like me when I tried to learn how to knit. Total disaster. I find crochet much easier in general. I'm glad you like my little crocheted creations - I just love everything in your shop! They're the easiest thing to do in crochet in my oppinion because you only need to know one kind of stitch; the single crochet. It never hurts to try! Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello *wanders off to check yours out too*...

    ^_^ Chase.