Finished Object: The Never-Ending Seed Stitch Wrap. I've been knitting this since September, but it came out so lovely! Plus a bonus tiny baby hat made from the scraps!

It's finally done! Coming in at a whopping 24" x 72" and using over 1600 yards of Lily Sugar'n Cream worsted weight cotton yarn, it's my most ambitious knitting project to date. I knit a sweater once in a single month. This monster took me about 9 months, working on it in the evenings here and there when I could. I'm completely in love with it! It's hefty and squishy and thanks to the fact that it's entirely seed stitch I didn't even have to block it.

I started making it because some time soon we hope to get a small flock of chickens for the backyard, and I wanted a nice wrap to wear while I sit on the swing and let them roam around for a couple hours each day. I needed something that would hit at the elbow so I could knit while wearing it and this came out just perfect!

I used this pattern from the Purl Bee blog, cast on the 109 stitches with my size 8 vintage straight needles, and used all the balls of Sugar'n Cream I had in my stash plus a couple more coordinating shades. I decided I would just knit till the ball ran out and that's how I got the wonky stripes. Possibly my favorite thing about my version is that, while Purl's version was made with a different, very expensive cashmere yarn, mine cost about $20 in yarn. I didn't want it to take forever and cost a fortune, it had to be one or the other for me.

When I was done I had mostly tiny scraps of all the colors left, but I knit from a big cone of the cream, so I decided to make a baby hat to match the wrap. I can see it turning into a nursing cover in the future and I thought having a little hat to match would be too cute!

I used a pattern that I found on Ravelry, but I feel like I ended up with a few too many straight rows. If I could do it over I'd remove the first stripe of cream stockinette altogether and start with the blue stripe right after the seed stitch brim so it would be a little shorter. But I really love it all the same, and I may try blocking it a bit but rolling the brim is also an option. Into the hope chest it goes! And into my cuddly wrap I go...


  1. This is really great ..I love it ... took a while , but it was worth it !