Finished Object: "Alexandra", a mixed media collage.

I finally managed to mount this collage that's been in the works for ages. I call it "Alexandra", and it's huge, about 25 inches across.
I used to do collages a lot more and never documented any of them, which are now sold or given to people who aren't in my life anymore. No more of that!
You'd be surprised how many magazine clippings I have in flat files even though I haven't finished a piece since about 2008. I'm hoping this is the beginning of more works like this.

I use ephemera from time to time, but most of my papers come from magazines and catalogs, and I especially like using advertisements because they're a bit collage-y already, and when you take them out of context things start to get weird. Most people who see my work can't tell where the mash-ups done by me and the ones cut straight from the magazine begin or end. I also like to leave little bits unglued so they pop off the page. The girl in the tree has free floating hair, and both of them have free legs dangling from the branch.
Hope you guys like it.

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  1. Just to let you know , when using magazines ao other commercial papers in collage... mount them under uv protected glass or at least keep them out of direct sunlight as they will fade out over time just like printer images and home printer photos...sometimes you can decoupage them with a medium but you need a few coats to make them stable...also they can bleed from the medium, unless they are printed with waterproof inks...just though you might like to know... it is a shame to spend allot of time on a work , and have them waste away with time , sunlight and so on... m :)