New Retailer: JorCal Hat Company in Willow Glen, California is now carrying my Fascinators!

Big news! All of the fascinators pictured above have been picked up for sale by JorCal Hat Company in lovely Willow Glen, CA, a beautiful little piece of San Jose. The owner of JorCal, Michele, is a lovely lady, and I am so happy and grateful that she wanted to carry my fascinator headbands. As you know, each one is one of a kind, so once it's gone it's gone. That being said, if you're in the area I highly recommend the entire main drag of Willow Glen for its restaurants and shopping, and JorCal in particular for their amazing fascinator selection ^_~. 

But if you're not local, I have some other models for sale in my etsy shop, and the one above on the top left is the last of the batch I haven't listed or sold because it is decidedly Christmas-y, though one of my top favorites. If you're interested in purchasing that one or having me make you a custom fascinator please feel free to email me at ohthecuteness@hotmail.com, otherwise I'll just save it for next Christmas.
If you've been following my Instagram account (@ohthecuteness), then you've seen some of my other fascinators that I made for my Christmas craft fairs. But I realized I never did find the time to share any photos from those fairs, nor photos of every single headband. So here's a little recap.

Here's the entire set I made this year, minus a few vinyl record hats from the top row because all the ladies who work the RAC fair like to wear them around and funnel shoppers to my booth. The first one to go was my least likely pick, the red one on the far right with the bright green vintage plastic chief about to give you a hatchet to the head. Glad that it's out in the world being rocked by someone, I love it!

I spent a lot of time this year gathering new vintage bits for these guys, and I am so pleased at how they turned out. I nearly sold out at the RAC, and total sales were the best yet!

I'd forgotten I snapped a photo of my snowball surprise balls before they were snatched up by excited shoppers. There's Valentine's Day versions for sale right now in my etsy shop!

There's a little sneak preview of a new shop item/ crochet pattern I've been working on: crocheted amigurumi mushroom baby rattles!

And another little sneak preview: tiny taxidermy necklaces and wall art.

And here's the booth I shared with my friend Nadine of Birdy Boutique Photography at a small fair at our local chiropractor's office. More fascinators found new homes and we all had a great time!


  1. Looks like lots of fun goodies !!! Glad you all had a fun time ...

  2. congrats on the shop carrying you facinators ...
    looks like a good start to future fun and profit :)