Eat Real Festival

This is a little flash-back to the summer, but I really wanted to post it and spread the word about my favorite food festival, the Eat Real Fest in Oakland. It's in Jack London Square every summer and has never failed to impress me. Johnny and I went and were able to try nearly everything that sounded good, and we managed to photograph each thing too. So presented here, for your foodie pleasure, is a microsampling of the best food festival around.

Pickles from Forage SF. Fermented goodness!

 Chow Fun Spring Rolls from Rice Paper Scissors. Spicy and amazing!

Steamed buns from Chairman Bao. Coca-Cola pork and Spicy Chicken.

 Egg and bacon grilled cheese from S+S Gastropub. Nom.

Beef empenadas from El Porteno. Best pastry.

Yerba Mate' infused colas from Taylor's Tonics. Amazing flavors!

 Gelatin flowers from Sweets Collection. That is made from Jello?!

Whole roast pig from Chop Bar. Dear God yes.

Grilled cheese from The Grilled Cheese Guy. Put a brick on it!

Strawberry Basil Lemonade! (I bought this jar last year & they didn't sell them this year, and everyone wanted to know where I got it!) 

Grilled peach filled with chevre from The Grilled Cheese Guy. Amazingly simple and delicious.

Kamikaze Fries from KoJa Kitchen. Favorite food ever.

The Fat Bastard from 4505 Meats. Had like 15 ingredients. 

Ice cream form Ici. Malted vanilla with cacao nibs and raspberry sorbet.

And lastly, this little guy sat on my arm while we ate a bunch of stuff, he was so cute!

... And then we rolled home and slept.


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  2. I'm so hungry now! All of that food looks delicious!!!!!!