Making Friends (Friends Who Make Things)

Since about September I've been helping a local artist, Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs, with her crazy-busy holiday production. I adore working for her - her studio is so inspiring, her products and project concepts are amazing, and she is just an absolutely delightful person. I highly recommend that you browse all around her site and see all the lovely things she has going on, there are so many cool interactive projects you can do. It's so nice to be working for someone who is running an extremely successful "cottage industry" business, and I feel like I'm learning a lot about what it takes. As an added bonus to the job, besides Lea I have met a lot of local creative types, one of whom is Sharon Murriguez of Casa Murriguez. She hand-prints fabric and paper goodies with her own beautiful artwork. I love her stuff so very much, and she and I will *hopefully* be joining forces for a special project, but that's a bit down the road. Anywho, a few weeks ago as I was palling around in downtown I wandered into an adorable boutique and fell in love with a little packet of gift tags. The packaging looked oddly familiar and then I realized they were Sharon's! I'm such a goof. And when I mentioned it to her she gave me a pack!

If you think these are cool, you should check out the pillows in her shop! Oh man I love them.


  1. How inspiring to be around people who are so creative - the tags are wonderful!

  2. I am truly blessed to have such awesome friends. I thank my lucky stars for them every day!

  3. Those tags are great! I stopped over at her site, she has quite the array of incredible things. Thanks for the tip!