An Inspiring Vacation.

I recently got to visit my parents in my home town for Fathers Day weekend, and I had a lovely time. My family always makes me feel better about, well, everything. This particular trip was really great because I got a lot of encouragement when it comes to attaining my goals for the future. Oh, and some feather hair extensions, lol.

My lovely  sister always does my hair when I go to visit, and she always makes me feel fabulous! If anyone down on the central coast is looking for a great hair stylist I suggest you look her up. Aura at Salon 544. I mean, look at how cute she is! She is a genius when it comes to hair and a color specialist too. I would look like such a derp if it wasn't for her lol.

Mom and dad were happy to see me, and I grabbed these pics of them being goofballs (Which is hard because mom never used to let me take her picture, but she is so pretty!):

Anywho, mom and I went to downtown Paso for one of the days I was there and we went to our favorite shops, Birch Fabrics and Firefly. When I was a kid I wanted to open these shops in town, and of course when I decide to move away they open and seem to be doing quite well. Birch is in a lovely new location and they are starting to do their own line of fabrics. I snapped some pictures, but man, taking pictures of window displays is hard. Anyone have any tips for that? I just put them into Picnik and darkened the shadows and put a lomo filter on it. Anywho:

Super cute! And Firefly sells handmade goods and has an art gallery upstairs. I love this space and recognize a lot of etsy stuff:

And when I was in San Luis Obispo I got to stop by the new comic book shop, Dr. Cain's, which is owned by a friend of my sister. Awesome little shop, and a lot more central to downtown than Captain Nemo's:

All in all a lot of inspiration for my someday-shop. I love seeing small businesses that have awesome owners and are doing well during these hard times. I hope to join them someday!

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    thanks chase :) and good luck at the craft fair...