How-Tuesday #17!

Hi all! I think I may have missed a week in there somewhere, but i have a bunch of new goodies to share! This week we have a recipe collection of condiments, a braided headband, and home made hair removal wax.

If you have ever tried home made mayo then you know how amazing the difference can be compared to the junk in the jar they try to pass off as mayo. I have made it before and it really is super easy, and this page has recipes for ketchup and mustard too! Check out the recipes here.

I love braids lately. I have been growing my hair out in hopes that I will someday be able to braid it. But until then, just like last week, I can relish the new braided accessories popping up everywhere. Here is the tutorial for this one.

And lastly, I love making cosmetics at home. They are way cheaper, waste less packaging, and are free of the nasty and often questionable chemicals. This is a great recipe for sugar wax for hair removal, and I love that it is made from stuff we all have in our kitchens and it uses fabric strips that can be washed and reused over and over. Try it!


  1. I don't know why, but I'm getting tons of traffic on my blog directed from yours! Thanks!! And, I love checking in to see what projects you have up your sleeve. Oakland crafters unite!

  2. Awesome!I adore your blog and all of your products. I have been dabbling in making fascinators but I have yet to post the results online. Yay Oaklanders!

  3. Oooh Love the braided headband. Thanks for sharing the link!

  4. love the braided headband! i just wish my head wasn't so big so i could wear one. lol.