Craft Fair Recap

Well, the RAC Craft Fair was a complete success! Lots of my creations found good homes and the rest will go up on etsy, though I don't think I will find the time to do it in time for the holidays, oh well.

Here's a bunch of photos from the fair, and there's a few more on my flickr page here.

My roommate's boyfriend took home one of Sylvia's squirrels! They were by far her best seller. Angela took home a brown one and I got a red one. Insanely cute!

My purdy ladies. A bunch of my friends from the stitch & bitch group I run all came out together to see me, I was so touched. Seriously, you guys are awesome!

Our booth was so full of cuteness!

I made about two dozen owls, the most I have ever made in one sitting. I nearly sold them all!

The little squirrels cracked me up. I was inspired to make them because of Jill and her roadtrip encounter with the mystical white squirrels. Long story.

And last but not least, I spent a good portion of Saturday working on a new tutorial that I know all you readers will be very excited about. Here's some teaser shots, and I will post it in a couple of days!


  1. Aw those squirrel pegs are adorable! They look like those little fluffy chicks you get at easter - didn't know you could get squirrel ones too. Good work!

  2. You make wonderful things! I like all of them. I love the owls and the mushrooms! Have a nice week.

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    wow...how cute ...there was allot of cuteness there...wish i was :)

  4. Love this! Do you have a tutorial/pattern for the little owls? they're so cute