Yet another hobby that will invade the blog...

So lately I have been playing a lot of ukulele. It seems like if I ever have a good chunk of time off I drive my butt to the lake and sit out at the Pavilion and just play until the sun goes down...

There is more cuteness on my flickr, here.

On Monday I had the day off and it was mad hot here, so I decided that the shade of the trees by the lake would be much better than my sweltering apartment. I had to do laundry anyhow, so I walked halfway around the lake to a different place than usual, and sat there in the shade on a bench by the water for at least 2 or 3 hours and played through every song I knew by heart. Then I stopped for lunch and went over to my usual spot just to sit, but a man came up to me and said he saw me playing earlier and was wondering if I had a tuner. Turns out his friends were just across the park playing guitar. So I wandered over and they invited me to sit and jam with them. I felt really awkward because they were in a band, and they played beautiful improvised reggae versions of classic songs. But they were super duper nice and just gave me chord cues so I could follow along and I ended up jamming with them for quite a while. They are there pretty often so maybe I will get some pointers as time goes on.

So anywho, the reason I am on this subject is because I am a self-taught ukulele player and I just use tabs and chords I find online to learn new songs. But I find that some of them are either wrong, poorly edited/written, or even just nonexistent for some of the more obscure songs I would like to learn. So I am going to start posting the tabs I use to play with on here, for the people out there who are struggling to find good tabs for these songs. Just a heads up, more to come soon!

Ooh, and in other news, a woman who has a great little blog called Muffins and More featured my crocheted mug cozy pattern in her tea lovers roundup. She has some super cute tea-related crafts on there, so go check it out!


  1. I want to learn the Ukulele, actually I want to learn any instrument, maybe I'll get my mum to buy me one in Hawaii.

  2. Dude! I will totally teach you if you get one in Hawaii. I already taught my coworker Aubrey how to play a few songs.

  3. Thanks so much for the shoutout!

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    This is awesome, keep this site alive! I grew up on the big island of hawaii, a magical and beautiful place unlike no other. The hawaiians play from the heart.. Just remember always from heart and you will play like you have played all your life.
    Mahalo for your spirit


  5. Hi! I have been following your blog for some time now and just wanted to let you know (though somewhat unrelated to this post!) that I made your crocheted round basket to sell in my etsy shop! (the one you used for kitty toys.) I used really pretty fall colors too. Check it out at the following link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/58641018/falling-leaves-round-basket

  6. @ Stitch of Time - The basket looks lovely in those colors, so glad you liked the pattern. I adore those little candy corn treat bags in your shop, best of luck and thanks!

  7. @ohthecuteness- Thanks! I'm always on the lookout for new patterns to use in my shop. Would be happy to send you a couple of those candy corn bags for free if you featured me in your blog! :)